This is a process book for a university project called "Dear Fashion" which is about developing your relationship to the industry. It was all created and hand bound by me.

When working on reports, and process books I like to combine my Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign skills to tell a unique, clear, and convincing story. It is important for me to work as visual as possible especially when communicating an analytic project. If the project allows it I love to work analog and combine it with digital and interactive pages. If not stated differently all projects below are art directed and designed by me.

The magazine below was a collaboratively designed group project. In my process book below you can see some behind the scenes of the parts I created for the magazine "Garment - The Future of Headwear".

Below you can find a internal analysis report of the brand Adidas.

This is a report series analyzing and developing the brand America Today.